Commit 436ba8fb authored by Lukas Jelonek's avatar Lukas Jelonek
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Adapt blastp result to hmmer output

parent 36b489b9
...@@ -35,18 +35,20 @@ with open(filename) as f: ...@@ -35,18 +35,20 @@ with open(filename) as f:
documents[split[0]] = {"id": split[0], "computations": [{'tool':tool, 'results':[]}]} documents[split[0]] = {"id": split[0], "computations": [{'tool':tool, 'results':[]}]}
results = documents[split[0]]['computations'][0]['results'] results = documents[split[0]]['computations'][0]['results']
result = {} result = {'target':{}, 'query':{}}
result["dbxref"] = "UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot:"+split[header['subject id']].split("|")[1] result['target']["dbxref"] = "UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot:"+split[header['subject id']].split("|")[1]
if '% identity' in header: if '% identity' in header:
result["percent_identity"] = float(split[header['% identity']]) result['target']["percent_identity"] = float(split[header['% identity']])
if 'q. start' in header and 'q. end' in header: if 'q. start' in header and 'q. end' in header:
result['qloc'] = split[header['q. start']] + '-' + split[header['q. end']] result['query']['start'] = split[header['q. start']]
result['query']['end'] = split[header['q. end']]
if 's. start' in header and 's. end' in header: if 's. start' in header and 's. end' in header:
result['sloc'] = split[header['s. start']] + '-' + split[header['s. end']] result['target']['start'] = split[header['s. start']]
result['target']['end'] = split[header['s. end']]
if 'evalue' in header: if 'evalue' in header:
result['evalue'] = float(split[header['evalue']]) result['target']['evalue'] = float(split[header['evalue']])
if 'BTOP' in header: if 'BTOP' in header:
result['btop'] = split[header['BTOP']] result['target']['btop'] = split[header['BTOP']]
results.append(result) results.append(result)
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