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[{"name": "swissprot", "tool": "blast", "version": "2019_06", "created": "2019-07-29"}]
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[{"name": "swissprot", "tool": "blast", "version": "2019_06", "created": "2019-07-29"}, {"name": "card", "tool": "raw", "version": "3.0.3", "created": "2019-08-19"}, {"name": "card", "tool": "ghostx", "version": "3.0.3", "created": "2019-08-19"}]
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name = dbman
author = Rudel Fankep
author-email =
description = Download, convert and upload databases to cloud server
description-file = README.rst
project_urls =
Source Code =
keywords = tools, databases
license = MIT
packages =
console_scripts =
dbman = dbman.main:main
from setuptools import setup
# this is only necessary when not using setuptools/distribute
from sphinx.setup_command import BuildDoc
cmdclass = {'build_sphinx': BuildDoc}
package_data={'dbman' : ['scripts/*']}
......@@ -84,3 +84,14 @@
-->ResourceManager API¶
le programm est-il utilisable sur windows?
commen se fait la remiz? sur CD ?
2-dbman verzeichnis
3- in dbman
pip install git+
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