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## Usage
Connect to the head node and run nextflow with the `-with-ignite` and the
'-cluster.join path:/data/cluster' option. Be sure that your workdirectory is
Connect to the head node and run nextflow with the `-process.executor 'ignite'` and the
`-cluster.join 'path:/data/cluster'` option. Be sure that your workdirectory is
located somewhere under `/data`, otherwise the data is not shared between the
## Setting up a cluster project
This repository also contains a terraform recipe for the setup of a nextflow
ignite cluster within openstack. You require a openrc for your cloud project
and have to source it. After that you have to edit the `terraform.tfvars` and
replace the name of the ssh key with your key name. Optionally you can adjust
the number of worker nodes, depending on your expected load and your quotas.
You can check what will be done with `terraform plan`. You can create the
cluster via `terraform apply`. If no errors occur you will receive a message
with the ssh command to login into your cluster. Before logging in it may be
required to wait a few seconds.
Having a running cluster you can copy your workflow and data into the `/data`
folder and execute it as described in the usage section.
You can destroy the cluster via `terraform
## Scaling
You can scale your cluster by adding or removing worker nodes.
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