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# Exercise: Getting familiar with nextflow
In this exercise you will run your first nextflow workflow from github, modify
it and see the resume capabilities of nextflow.
### Setup
Create a new directory for workflow execution and change into it
### Run workflow
Execute the hello-world workflow from the ag-computational-bio/nf-hello github repository:
nextflow run ag-computational-bio/nf-hello
### Question
What files and directories are created in your current directory? What is their purpose?
Hint: Also check for hidden files.
### Modify workflow
Clone the workflow in your current working directory:
nextflow clone ag-computational-bio/nf-hello
Add additional greetings in the nf-hello/ file.
Rerun the workflow with the -resume option.
nextflow run nf-hello -resume
### Cleanup
Check your runs with the `nextflow log` command and cleanup all runs with the
`nextflow clean` command.
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