Commit ecdf165d authored by Raphael Müller's avatar Raphael Müller
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added new default lane color property to genome vuer

parent c88a9dd5
......@@ -13,7 +13,7 @@ Vue.component("genome-viewer",{
<axis :x="to_w(0)" :y="to_h(0)" :xOffset="10" :vOffset="10" :height="one_height" :width="width" :start="axisStart" :stop="axisStop" :genomeSize="length*100">
<!-- -->
<lane v-for="lane in lanes" :key="" :x="to_w(0)" :y="to_h(lane)" :height="2*one_height" :width="to_w(100)" color="#FF00BF">
<lane v-for="lane in lanes" :key="" :x="to_w(0)" :y="to_h(lane)" :height="2*one_height" :width="to_w(100)" :color="defaultLaneColor">
<feature v-for="(feature, index) in featureData" :key="" :feature-id="" :svg-width="genomeToPixel(feature.end)-genomeToPixel(feature.start)" :svg-height="one_height" :svg-x="genomeToPixel(feature.start)" :svg-y="to_h(lane(feature.strand))+ one_height/2" :color="getColor(feature)" :border-color="(feature.color_border)?feature.color_border : defaultBorderColor" @click="featureClick">
......@@ -61,6 +61,9 @@ Vue.component("genome-viewer",{
defaultLaneColor: {
default: "#FF00BF"
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