Commit 511430da authored by Raphael Müller's avatar Raphael Müller
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moved nextflow config to test

parent 509bd3b0
......@@ -2,9 +2,9 @@
benchmark_repeats: 3
workdir: "results"
original_perl_script: "perl ../original_wf/backmap/"
nextflow_script: "nextflow ../nextflow/ -c nextflow/nextflow.config --threads 16"
assembly: "../dataset1/dgal_ra_pb-target-and-other_ill-confilter.blobfilter.rmmt_sspace-lr3_lrgc3_pg3_pilon_3.fasta"
datadir: "../dataset1/"
nextflow_script: "nextflow ../nextflow/ -c nextflow.config --threads 16"
assembly: "../dataset/dgal_ra_pb-target-and-other_ill-confilter.blobfilter.rmmt_sspace-lr3_lrgc3_pg3_pilon_3.fasta"
datadir: "../dataset/"
unpaired: dgal.confilter.fq
paired_1: dgal_1.paired.confilter.fq
paired_2: dgal_2.paired.confilter.fq
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