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......@@ -190,5 +190,5 @@ There are no Nanopore reads.
| Illumina mapping | dgal_ra_pb-target-and-other_ill-confilter.blobfilter.rmmt_sspace-lr3_lrgc3_pg3_pilon_3.fasta.sort.bam |
| PacBio mapping | dgal_ra_pb-target-and-other_ill-confilter.blobfilter.rmmt_sspace-lr3_lrgc3_pg3_pilon_3.fasta.pb.sort.bam |
[oldRall]: img/RallOld.png
[newRall]: img/RallNew.png
[oldRall]: img/RallOld.png "Resulting graph of the original perl pipeline"
[newRall]: img/RallNew.png "Resulting graph of the new nextflor pipeline"
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