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......@@ -89,13 +89,14 @@ Delete undesirable databases::
# from the s3 cloud directory
dbman delete example/database example/tool* s3
remplace the standard directory to save the data::
Configure database storage directories via environment variables::
# change local directory with the environment variable
# set local database directory, default "./"
export DBMAN_DBDIR = example/path
# change remote directory with the environment variable
export DBMAN_S3DIR = example/path
# s3 support is based on s3cmd. See its manual to setup s3
# set subdirectory in s3 bucket, default is s3://db_storage
export DBMAN_S3DIR = s3://example/path
The standard directories(local and remote) can also be change with optional parameters.
name = dbman
author = Rudel Fankep
author-email =
description = Download, convert and upload databases to cloud server
author = Lukas Jelonek
author-email =
description = Download, convert and distribute biological databases
description-file = README.rst
project_urls =
Source Code =
Source Code =
keywords = tools, databases
license = MIT
from setuptools import setup
# this is only necessary when not using setuptools/distribute
from sphinx.setup_command import BuildDoc
cmdclass = {'build_sphinx': BuildDoc}
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